DORO COBRA® Retractor System

The easy brain retractor.
Item no. 1201.100
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DORO COBRA® Retractor System
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Key features
  • Quick & easy set up - no tools required
Alternative Products
DORO LUNA® Retractor System Standard for Aluminum Quick-Rail
DORO LUNA® Retractor System Standard for Radiolucent Quick-Rail

Precise and Easy Brain Retraction

The DORO COBRA® Retractor System is the retractor system of choice for minimal obstruction and access to the surgical site. DORO COBRA® Flexible Rotary Arms are directly mounted to the Quick-Rail® of either the DORO® QR3 Skull Clamp or the DORO® Skull Clamp Radiolucent. A combined set-up with DORO LUNA® components is possible and grants enhanced set-up and application possibilities.


Quick micro adjustments and repositioning are possible anytime while retaining the overall tension of the arm, allowing a smooth workflow during surgery.

Adjustments can easily be made.

Smooth and accurate in its movement.


Ease of Use

Attaches quickly and tool-free to the DORO LUNA® Retractor System or via the corresponding Quick-Clamp to the Quick-Rail® of our imaging and non-imaging systems.

The  brain retractor system is available in four different lengths, all featuring a 360 degree rotational body.



It holds a variety of different accessories: e.g. micro blades & pattie trays.



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