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Create a new world in

neurosurgery with us.

Along with our partners and customers, we strive daily to make neurosurgery more efficient and safer, always aiming to improve the quality of patients’ lives.

Each neurosurgical intervention means a new challenge. Every minute counts. Every step needs to fit. A smooth workflow is essential for neurosurgeons, the OR team and the patient.

Since more than two and a half decades, we specialize in the field of cranial stabilization and brain retractor systems, daily gaining a deeper understanding. We continuously stay curious, listen and strengthen our relationships with our partners and surgeons worldwide, educating them on how to take the most advantage of our solutions and receiving important insights in return.

The positive feedback we get from neurosurgeons and their teams reinforces us in what we do and fuels our growth. The worldwide appreciation of our products enables us to invest in new and modern workplaces, to hire additional experts and to put a significant amount of resources in the development of reliable, innovative and highly flexible solutions for neurosurgery.

From our history to the present state and turning into the future, we were and always will be driven by the desire to satisfy our customers. Together, we are able to multiply strengths, making a lasting difference for the health of people worldwide. Together, we will be able to create a new world in neurosurgery.




We offer cranial stabilization and brain retractor solutions that help neurosurgeons and their teams to conduct surgeries safely and efficiently. We provide the interface that makes a successful surgery possible.

Our work makes sense.  As a successful, healthy and professionally managed family company in medical technology, we make an important contribution. Great creative leeway and consistent, sustainable action allow us to do our best for the health of people around the world on a daily basis.

We focus on and consistently implement our mission. Our quick decision-making processes, our extensive network and the close proximity to the customer make us very flexible and lead to our unique expertise in the market.

As a team, we stand up for each other and all pull together. We are driven by the desire to satisfy customers. Satisfied customers give us strength.




We stand by what we say, and are honest about this. We act accordingly. This means that we are positively predictable. People can trust us.



Due to our focus on what is important and our desire to perform, we are effective. Our conduct is shaped by the will and the discipline to achieve results and to take responsibility for this.




We act in a broad-minded and unbiased manner. We are open and do not have any prejudices. We listen and are appreciative, but at the same time we are also alert and scrutinize matters. Our conduct is shaped by fairness paired with a sporting attitude. We separate the personal from the professional, particularly when it comes to assessing a subject. As an internationally active group, we act ethically and are sensitive when dealing with our own and other cultures.




Every one of us is accountable for his or her own conduct. Our accountability is shaped by conscientiousness and sustainability. We observe social conventions and legal regulations.



We engage with changes and are willing to mold ourselves. In this case we are curious and analyze ourselves and our environment. We are willing to learn and are continuously and consistently developing.

Each of our products reflects the devotion of our team to put the needs of those people who we serve first.

We have made it our business to define new standards within the neurosurgical medical device sector.

With our DORO® solutions we support neurosurgeons worldwide.

We are

Quality Fans

We are devoted to deliver high quality products and services to achieve the highest level of safety and effectiveness as well as complete customer´s satisfaction.

We are


We believe that a fair and trustful cooperation with our business partners is the foundation for continued development of the product range.

We are


We listen to our customers to continuously  improve our quality management system, our products and our services.

We are


We love what we do. Every product we sell represents our commitment to provide medical technology that improves the quality of life for the patients we serve.

Neurosurgery is our core competence, our passion and so much more than just a business area. Since 1998, our DORO® product line is marketed successfully worldwide.

Our core products are cranial stabilization and retractor systems for standard and intraoperative imaging neurosurgical applications. In addition, our product portfolio offers a wide range of accessories and customized products as well as a distinct selection of non-stick bipolar forceps. Our cooperation with distributors and well-known surgeons worldwide helps us to continuously improve our products and services as well as to enhance neurosurgery with new, high quality innovations.

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