We are looking forward to
meeting you.

We take part in a great variety of renowned fairs and congresses, during which national and international experts and decision-makers from the field of neurosurgery get together. Let´s take this chance to exchange ideas and first-hand knowledge about our DORO® solutions.

NASBS 2022

Phoenix, Arizona, USA
February 18th- 20th, 2022





AANS 2022

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
April 29th- May 2nd, 2022





DGNC 2022

Cologne, Germany
May 29th - June 01st , 2022





CNS 2022

San Francisco, California, USA
October 08th - 12th, 2022



EANS 2022

Belgrade, Serbia
October 16th - 20th, 2022



CLAN 2022

Miami, USA
November 19th - 24th, 2022


ISPN 2022

December 06
th - 10th, 2022