DORO® Maintenance Bundles DORO LUNA® Retractor System Standard

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Keep Your Products In Great Shape

DORO® products are engineered for daily use to help you perform at your very best. We provide the highest quality tools and services to ensure that your DORO® products perform as on day one. We offer dedicated DORO® Maintenance Bundles with every product we sell so that you may benefit from the best possible service directly from the manufacturer.

Besides reducing the risk of major repairs and maintaining a safe and reliable product, planned maintenance services will have predictable downtimes, which can be covered with DORO® loaner equipment. If you have your DORO® device serviced regularly, you will not only be compliant with certain national laws (e.g. MPBetreibV (DE), MepV (CH)) but you will enjoy working with it for a long time.

In order to increase the product‘s lifetime and to reduce administrative efforts we offer DORO® Maintenance Plans: Silver, Gold & Platinum.

All plans cover the essential maintenance work necessary to keep your valuable DORO® products in great shape. The Gold and Platinum Bundles offer additional premium benefits like an additional manufacturer’s
guarantee and faster turn-around times.