DORO LUCENT® iMRI Cranial Stabilization System MAQUET

The intuitive intraoperative solution for modern MR imaging suites.
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DORO LUCENT® iMRI Cranial Stabilization System MAQUET
DORO LUCENT® iMRI Cranial Stabilization System MAQUET - Top View
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An Advanced Imaging Solution

DORO LUCENT® iMRI Cranial Stabilization Systems are used in head and neck surgery when rigid cranial stabilization is desired and when intraoperative Magnetic Resonance Imaging (iMRI) is used. A variant of the proven DORO® Radiolucent Skull Clamp is mounted to the OR transfer board interface using a special adaptor, allowing the surgeon to use all its beneficial features and the known workflow from a standard rigid 3-pin fixation. These special headrest systems are custom made for selected OR table / MRI Scanner combinations and allow stabilizing the patient’s head in a safe and secure position for surgery including the patient transfer to MR imaging.


Smooth Workflow  

The classic 3-pin skull clamp ensures a familiar and intuitive handling of the system.

DORO LUCENT® iMRI allows an optimal positioning of the patient´s head thanks to a wide range of motion.


Together with the DORO LUCENT® Headplate, the patient can already be positioned as required before starting the pinning procedure.

In combination with DORO LUCENT® Disposable Skull Pins, artifacts are reduced to a minimum, enabling high-end imaging.




Automatic Image Registration Ready

The system is compatible* with image-guided surgery (IGS) systems from the leading companies in the field, including the Automatic Image Registration (AIR) technology from Brainlab. It allows neurosurgeons to seamlessly integrate reacquired intraoperative MR images, eliminating the need to access anatomical landmarks.

*AIR compatibility depends on the IMRIS Scanner used.




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