DORO LUCENT® Base Unit Standard

Item no. 1101.021
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DORO LUCENT® Cranial Stabilization System - Base Unit
Key features
  • Multiple ways of mounting. The DORO LUCENT® Base Unit can laterally be hung or slid onto the side rails of the OR table.
  • Compatible with DORO® Radiolucent Skull Clamps* and all Radiolucent Horseshoes and Radiolucent Swivel Adaptors.
  • Long reach into gantry. The DORO LUCENT® Base Unit with mounted transitional members can be extended up to 450 mm.
  • Drain holes in all transitional members allow water to drain after washing.
  • Detachable side parts and sliding member.
  • No lateral obstruction due to no overhang at the side parts.
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