DORO® QR3 Cranial Stabilization System Teflon

The sterilizable headholder for neurosurgery.
Item no. 3003-100
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DORO® QR3 Cranial Stabilization System Teflon
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DORO Skull Clamp Teflon
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DORO Swivel Adaptor Teflon
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DORO Adjustable Base Unit Teflon
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Key features
  • Autoclavable
  • Excellent stability and flexibility
  • Quick-Rail® Technology
  • For supine, prone, lateral and sitting positions
  • Mix & Match with DORO® Radiolucent products
  • Navigation Ready
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DORO® QR3 Cranial Stabilization System

Sterilizable Headholder

The DORO® QR3 Cranial Stabilization System Teflon® is the sterilizable counterpart of our proven aluminum headholder system. It is fast and easy to set up and will be your everyday companion in non-imaging neurosurgical approaches. Deliberately designed features like built-in navigation adaptor interfaces or its Mix & Match compatibility with DORO® Radiolucent products make it a time saving and versatile device. Furthermore, the headholder´s autoclavability is a great plus when you are treating highly infectious patients. 


Easy cleaning & sterilization

The Teflon® coated surface allows machine-washing and autoclaving.



Optimal Access to Surgical Site

Retractor arms and other accessories attach directly and securely to the Quick-Rail® of the skull clamp without damaging the sterile barrier.

Navigation tracking device adaptors attach directly to stainless steel starbursts on both sides of the skull clamp, close to the surgical field, thus granting huge navigation precision.


Versatile Usage

DORO® QR3 Teflon® fits with every head size. It allows additional space for intubation, even in prone position, thanks to the extra height of the skull clamp.


Flexible Application

Enjoy multiple set-up possibilities: Mix & Match the system with radiolucent products for imaging procedures.



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