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Space for World Class Service

In November 2019, Black Forest Medical Group, leader in cranial stabilization and brain retraction launched its remodeled and modernized DORO® Service Center in Cape Coral, Florida.

"We are known and appreciated by customers for our high quality and safe products and our world-class services," says Urs Brunner, vice president and general manager.

With the expansion and modernization of the existing space of the North American headquarter, the company's services have also been improved. The newly created DORO® Services include the maintenance, lubrication, calibration, refurbishment and decontamination of the products.

Along with the remodeling of the existing space and the expansion of additional square footage, the logistics and warehouse operation also received a modernization. “All of these investments and improvements directly benefit customers. An example being the turnaround time which can now be minimized so that products can be return into service more rapidly and thereby improve operating room efficiency”, says Brunner. Another key element of the upgrade is the completely new, automatic and manual decontamination station, which became part of the expanded space. Products sent in for maintenance can now be processed using state-of-the-art technology.

Jillian Forster, Head of DORO® Services is proud of this progress. "At Black Forest Medical Group best service starts with a customer entrusting his products to us and ends with a quick return to our customers for clinical use.", she says.

pro med instruments Inc. is a Black Forest Medical Group company headquartered in Freiburg, Germany.