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New Headquarters for the Freiburg Medical Technology Specialists

Black Forest Medical Group is investing 15 million euros in its new headquarters in the Haid-Süd industrial park in Freiburg. A modern production and working environment is emerging that will enable the high-tech company to further boost its innovative capabilities and link specialists across many professions at the site. The ground was broken on October 2.

“With these modern buildings we are not only creating a motivating, creative, and inspiring space for our staff but also increasing our efficiency and encouraging active communication between different departments,” explained Matthias Schüle, owner and managing director of Black Forest Medical Group, to the many guests attending his opening speech on the occasion of the breaking of the ground for the new company headquarters.

Mr. Schüle’s business has grown strongly for many years and has now established itself at the top of the global market with its cranial stabilization and retractor systems for neurosurgery. The high-tech company’s newly constructed building will bring experts from research, development, and production together under one roof. “This will create faster response times, simplify discussions, and shorten pathways, all of which will ultimately have a positive effect on the time-to-market and the production output. Thanks to investments in new technologies we have a complete package so that we can offer our customers and users the best products on the market and expert service,” said Mr. Schüle in his speech.

Hanna Böhme, managing director of Freiburger Wirtschaft Touristik und Messe GmbH und Co. KG, added: “As the city’s business development group, we are pleased that Black Forest Medical Group with its innovative and future-oriented approach is establishing its new headquarters in Haid-Süd and thus deciding to remain in Freiburg.” Hanna Böhme continued that the medical technology and health sector is and will remain a driving force behind the region’s value creation. With around 26,000 employees, it is by far the largest sector in Freiburg.

Sustainability is part of the corporate identity of Black Forest Medical Group. For this reason, Vollack, a specialist in methodological building design, was commissioned to carry out the design, planning, and construction of the energy-efficient building. Rainer Kracht, a partner at Vollack, highlighted the individual project story and unique character of the new building. “Black Forest Medical Group works for and with people and therefore we took people as the model for the architecture.” An organic architecture was deliberately chosen to reflect the medical technology business activities of the company. Rounded corners, large swathes of glass, and connections between the individual functional areas, which are reminiscent of the human nervous system, all fit with the medical technology products of Black Forest Medical Group. The current planning status means that the new building will actually exceed the stringent requirements of the KFW55 energy efficient building standard.

The new spaces will ensure that Black Forest Medical Group will be able to manufacture and distribute its innovative products under optimal conditions. What is missing are additional qualified personnel. “We are currently seeking new colleagues across a wide range of disciplines who would like to grow and develop with us,” said Matthias Schüle. “Join us and actively create the future of the company.”

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