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Medical Technology Specialist Opens Futuristic Headquarters

Black Forest Medical Group opens its new headquarters in Freiburg. State-of-the-art working environment have emerged that position the specialist in neurosurgical medical technology optimally for the future.

“We'll do great things here. We are going to create a new world in neurosurgery. And this is how it starts ... Welcome!" With these words Matthias Schuele, owner of Black Forest Medical Group, cuts the symbolic red ribbon and clears the way for the first employees of the Black Forest Medical Group to move in.

Monday, December 7th, 2020, Freiburg, 8:45 A.M.. It is cold. Just in time, the sun breaks through the cloudy sky and lets the snow-white, brand-new headquarters of Black Forest Medical Group shine. A tense anticipation can be seen in the faces of all participants. In those present on site as well as in those who were connected via video conference. “Do you remember October 2019? We met here before. It was also cold. It was raining and the only thing on site was a construction container”. Matthias Schuele begins his speech with this review of the groundbreaking ceremony. He outlined the path from the first ideas and early drafts on the computer to this solemn moment, reviewing the highs and setbacks of the project. Schuele thanks the entire team and the trades involved. He takes his time to personally thank the most important people in the project. First general contractor Vollack, represented by managing director Rainer Kracht, architect Katja Uhr-Böhm and project manager Andreas Heckhausen, continuing with project consultant Thomas Kindler. He also expresses his sincere gratitude to his co-managing director Patrick Lux and to Dominika Schuler, Director Finance / IT / HR at Black Forest Medical Group. Together, the two of them managed this major project extraordinarily well and made a significant contribution to its success.

A very special guest at this opening is Dorothea Schuele, company founder and namesake of the DORO® product brand, which has been successful around the world for 20 years. She is celebrating this important milestone in the history of Black Forest Medical Group together with her son Matthias and the entire workforce. The company has been active in neurosurgical medical technology for 25 years and is no longer a "hidden champion". Therefore, it is time to merge the previously spatially separated production area with the rest of the company at one location. "This will empower our agile way of working, shorten paths and further increase our innovative strength," says owner Matthias Schüle."

The building fits perfectly," explains Rainer Kracht from Vollack. As general contractor, he and his team planned and implemented the construction for Black Forest Medical Group. “The modern, interdisciplinary work islands in the office area, the production area based on lean methods, the futuristic building design. All of this is Black Forest Medical Group."

On an area of 2489 m², the new building offers employees ideal working conditions, space for exchanging ideas and modern meeting-, team- and retreat rooms. In the outdoor area, a football- and a streetball field as well as a recreation area will be created. The company has obviously maintained part of its start-up spirit. “We consciously encourage creativity and personal development. We want to attract the best people to come and work with us, commonly creating a new world in neurosurgery,” emphasizes Matthias Schuele.

Sustainability and environmental protection were also important aspects when building the new headquarters. In addition to charging options for e-bikes and a modern heating/ cooling ceiling, there is another special feature in the building, which is built strictly according to KfW55 standards. A cooperation with the neighboring medical technology company Stryker enables warm wastewater, which arises there in the course of production, to be routed to Black Forest Medical and to be fed into the heating system there. This cooperation in terms of environmental protection is certainly not everyday and reflects the bond with Freiburg and the region. "We want to play an important role here in Freiburg and from here set the impetus for our global growth," emphasizes Matthias Schüle. “With the new company headquarters we are now starting a new chapter in the company's history, which has been so successful to date. I'm curious and look forward to it."