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Gert Weber (left) and Matthias Schuele (right)

Driving Growth and Innovation: Black Forest Medical Group has welcomed Gert Weber as new Managing Director

Gert Weber (58) joined the Black Forest Medical Group Management Team on January 1st, 2024. As Managing Director, he will help shape and steer the further development of the company together with Owner and Managing Director Matthias Schuele (41). 

With 30 years of professional experience in developing medium-sized manufacturing family businesses, Gert Weber brings an impressive record of accomplishments in sustainable leadership. Throughout his career, he has accumulated extensive experience in both startup environments and various enterprises. Over the last 15 years, he has occupied executive roles in different companies, most recently as CEO and COO of medical technology companies. Gert Weber's diverse expertise renders him a valuable asset to the Black Forest Medical Group. 

Gert Weber will take over operational management from Matthias Schuele and will also provide significant momentum at a strategic level. His main objectives include the effective implementation of company strategies and goals, in particular the implementation of the product roadmap. Additionally, he will focus on scaling internal processes to further drive company growth. 

Gert Weber conveyed his enthusiasm for his new position, stating, "I'm thankful to be part of the Black Forest Medical Group and to collaborate with the team. I’m eager to contribute to the company’s expansion and to ensure the successful establishment of Black Forest Medical Group as a leading neurosurgical medical technology firm." 

Matthias Schuele is delighted to have Gert Weber as an experienced partner at his side, who will quickly take over operational responsibilities, allowing Matthias to dedicate more time to his entrepreneurial role. “Having Gert Weber on board gives me the chance to focus primarily on my entrepreneurial duties. This way, I can make full use of my personal strengths and develop myself further in the best possible way," Matthias Schuele explains regarding his new position. In the future, this will be characterized by a predominantly "working on the company" rather than constantly "working in the company". From a bird's eye view, I can spot aspects that might go unnoticed otherwise. This enables me to have a more positive impact on the company's growth, benefiting both our customers and employees in an even more sustainable manner than I currently can." 

The entire team at Black Forest Medical Group is looking forward to this new chapter in the company's history and is excited about the successful collaboration ahead.