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PMI Strengthens its Management Team

The Freiburg-based medical device company, pro med instruments (PMI), prepares itself for further growth and reinforces its leadership team. Patrick Lux becomes part of the general management team of the neurosurgery specialist.

“PMI is a great and well-established company with a fantastic team and excellent products which have a lot of potential“, explains Lux. He looks forward to further professionalize the shared service areas (finance, human resources and IT). Additionally, he plans to make the production more flexible in order to meet customer demands, to increase the output quantity and to support the digital transformation at PMI with his expertise.

Lux has many years of experience in consulting and the development of companies. From within different managing positions at various levels, he contributed to the success of several medium-sized and large companies within the consultancy, media and technology industry. “Focuses lay especially on the topics finances, human resources, IT, the improvement of processes, and new business models and acquisitions”, summarizes the 47 year old.

The diversified and motivated work at PMI, the dynamic environment, the well-functioning cohesion of the management team and the extreme speed to act when having to make decisions fascinates him. “Even though PMI is at present, a well-established company on the market, it preserved itself the spirit of a startup”, declares the new managing director. This is recognizable in the way of communicating with each other, new, modern management methods as well as common events like the running group, the summer meeting and the participation at soccer tournaments.

It is important to feel well at work, being part of a team, having fun together and having the opportunity to develop oneself constantly further. The focus of PMI´s work lies on providing relevant benefits to partners and customers. Together the team strives daily to make neurosurgical procedures for doctors and patients worldwide more efficient and safer.

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