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PMI Reinforces Its Development

German medical device specialist pro med instruments (PMI) continues its success story by reinforcing its research and development department (R&D). Since February, Sascha Kubis, formerly with Stryker Navigation, is the new director of the PMI R&D department, driving it forward with his know-how.

“Be a creative source of quality of life“ – this is the motto, which Sascha Kubis follows daily, being the reason why he can identify the most with the medical device sector. When developing products, it is important, says Kubis, to understand patients and customers, to identify their needs and to translate those into products. Patients and users are an important part of the product development process and need to be integrated. Creativity and innovation make work in Kubis´ view additionally exciting. “It is fascinating how an initial technical prototype becomes a proper product, which helps human beings“, explains the head of the department.

Matthias Schuele, managing director at PMI met Sascha Kubis at a congress in Los Angeles. “Since this day, I have kept an eye on the company,“ says Kubis with a smile. When PMI offered him the leadership of the research and development department he was at first surprised – but accepted the challenge with pleasure.

The future director has started off his career rather classically. After having absolved an apprenticeship in industry mechanics and mechanical engineering, he graduated as a technical business economist. “It is essential to figure out what one is good at and then, to do it again and again. Can you do it? Dare you? – Then do it!“ Kubis is convinced of that. Additionally, an open-mind towards new things should be retained using occasions daily to learn and to develop oneself further. This device has always been successfully Kubis´ red thread in life – in private as well as in business.

Inspiring people and taking them forward is important to Kubis. This is why he committed himself within the scope of teaching assignments at three Universities. “Sharing knowledge with future engineers showing them methods to solve problems is a great pleasure.“ PMI shares this values and releases him, therefore, various days from work.

PMI knows, says Kubis, how to use its strengths. The clear focus on its core competence – neurosurgery – makes the medical device company increasingly successful. PMI has a lot of potential. According to Kubis, the company is a hidden champion who knows how to translate customers’ needs into high-quality innovations.

In his new position at PMI, Kubis wants to give new impulses. The main focuses lie on optimizing processes as well as on expanding the knowledge and skills of the team members. For this purpose, it is important to get to know the individual talents of each team member and to combine them appropriately. Together, new and innovative products, on which patients and users can rely, will be developed. “Humans are less changeable than we often think. Don´t waste your time trying to add something which nature did not provide. Use the potential, which is already in them,“ explains Kubis. Schuele agrees adding: “If everyone contributes using his strengths and supporting each other, pulling into the same direction, then our success story becomes unstoppable.“ According to Schuele, a further reinforcement of the R&D Team is planned.

The future director is pleased with his work at the owner-managed company with its short decisionmaking paths. Kubis has a great and motivated R&D-Team at PMI. The team is driven by a common passion towards neurosurgery. DORO® products have a crucial purpose. A clear commitment to grow and a firm will to enrich people’s lives exists.

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